Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Second Amendment Saves Us All Again. Except For Those Who Died...

This week, Inglewood, California and Brookfield, Wisconsin were lucky enough to receive a pat on the head from the Constitution of the United States Of America. This kind of acknowledgement is a high honor, indeed; and all it cost the people of these communities was the lives of some of their families, friends and neighbors.

High praise, and well earned!

In Inglewood, a psycho neighbor living in the back house decided to cover himself in bullet-resistant armor, set his house on fire, and then go and shoot up the family that lived in the front house. A father (who threw his body over his children to shield them from those bullets we all love, because they're a guaranteed part of the Constitution!) died, as did his 4 year old son.

His wife and two other children were severely injured, but are expected to survive.

Apparently, the Constitution provides for such protection against the children from the front house playing in the backyard.

Well done, Constitution!

Then today, in Wisconsin, another patriot defies a restraining order from his ex-wife, goes to the day spa where she works, and shoots three women dead, injuring several others.

Sadly, in both cases, these two true Americans who are upholding true American ideals, shot themselves before the NRA could give them the parades and lapel pins they so richly deserved...

Guess we can blame the hippie fag Jew-run media once again, right?

Children playing. Women at a spa going to work. People going to school. Folks at a movie theater. Etc., etc....

These are the enemies the outdated 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is protecting us against?!

By now, is there any real point in holding out hope that real thought and reason may ride into the picture at this 11th hour and somehow prevail over old ways of thinking? Right now, I am sad to sad that I think not. I mean, who gives a shit if children, students at school, people at work, or those shopping at a mall have to live under the ever-increasing shadow of possibly getting shot by some psycho fuckhead armed, not only with a gun; but a hallowed government document that gives him the "right" to possess such a weapon, provided he/she can pass a few simple background checks and tests?

And, hey, if you just happen to be at the restaurant, theater, mall, or even in your own home when he goes off-- well, that's just the price of being an American you should be happy to pay!

Because we're too stupid and cowed by the big money gun lobbies. Beyond that, our so-called leaders on the Left are too fucking concerned with tapdancing their way through the political process, so as not to alienate ANY potential voter; so they're not GONNA SAY SHIT that might in any way piss off the gun lobby, which will piss off certain portions of the hayseed/redneck/dumbshit voters they need to court in order to quell any talk of liberalism...

And, for this trade off, people get to keep dying! They get to die in parks, at gas stations, on jogging trails and even (conveniently) in their own homes. All because we've become too fucking cowed by the big bucks gun lobby, and the presumptive notion that to speak against guns makes us somehow un-American-- and our American God and his American Son, Jesus, will shit his vengance in all our faces should we dare to evolve so much as to even entertain a discussion that maybe, just maybe, all the shooting deaths in our country might in some small way be connected to...


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