Monday, January 14, 2013

Badfinger, Not More Guns...

I'd intended this shitty little piece to begin with a picture of one of my favorite bands, Badfinger. I followed the directions for uploading said picture; and got repeatedly assfucked and rebuffed well over a dozen times before I did what I always do.

You know, give up and settle for something way more shitty.

Wow, it seems as though the internet and real life are finally beginning to look a lot alike.

I'm not digging it.

So this piece goes out, to you, sans a photo illustration that should've been no problem, but which has become the thing upon which I'll obsess all night, and for the next few days.


Sorry to sound like your Grandpa; but I fucking hate all this new shit, and all the ever-changing parameters in dealing with it all. I just wanted to load a simple fucking picture; and, instead, i got 25 minutes of banging my head against yet another wall.

Fuck you Dad for not pulling out, you asshole.


Music is my thing. I want to write about music. That, for better or worse, has been my whole life; and I'd like to get back to it, if you don't mind.

It is a place where I can get lost, and forget about the horrors visited upon me by my many and various bad choices; and if that strikes you as denial, well, you're not wrong.

But, every passing day, it is getting harder to get back there....

I fucking hate politics. I used to love it all; but, now, eh-eh. Fuck it. I just want to get back to writing about music.

But, I cannot.

Tonight, I had a whole music thing lined up for this here blog. Ohhhh, it was gonna be great if you happen to be an ephemera geek like myself. I'd finally gotten my head away from the whole gun thing for a bit, and was about to spew 5,000 words for what was sure to be a very select audience of no more than a dozen or so when....

Like an idiot, I flipped past the news.

There, on camera (from a TMZ camera guy), was a shooting, on tape, from outside a club in Hollywood late Saturday night.

As clear as Meredith Hunter pulling his gun at Altamont came this footage of a guy whipping out a handgun during a (seemingly) drunken fight between some women. He seemed to aim both nowhere and everywhere at once, squeezed off a few rounds and, BOOM!, some 19 year old kid was dead.

For a bunch of nothing bullshit chest puffing.

Same old, same old. Again.

And again.

A few stupid cunts get into an attention-seeking fight at a nightclub, and an innocent bystander gets to die for it. Oh, if anyone is focusing on the use of the word "cunts", understand that gender, in this instance, is irrelevant, okay?! To me, if you get into a fight at a nightclub, you're a cunt. A sad, idiotic, dumbfuck CUNT.

Just so we're clear here.

For the most part, the footage looked like most 'reality' shows: A bunch of idiots dressed like spangly morons outside a club no one with a brain would ever dare come near. Some shrewy chicks get into a skirmish over God knows what; and then we see our hero, pulling his gun, as all hell breaks loose.

And one kid dies.

At this point, it NO LONGER MATTERS whether these guns are/were owned legally or otherwise! This idiot outside the Hollywood nightclub last night fucking killed an innocent bystander! WITH A GUN!

At what point can you blind and braying Second Amendment apologist screech hounds finally admit that far too many innocent people have been laid to needless waste while the NRA and the rest oif your precious and well-monied gun lobby just keeps buying off all the politicians it needs in order to keep the cash tills turning and the money flowing into their coffers?

A 19 year old kid went out Saturday night to club it up. Some drunk chicks slugged it out. Then some idiot whipped out a gun-- apparently, because he saw himself as some sort of badass hero; fired off into the crowd (trying, I'm guessing, to impress someone), and a young man died.

For nothing. Fucking nothing.


Seeking a night on the town, instead, this kid gets a box and six feet of dirt for his troubles.

All for guns. Was his life worth it? Were the lives of the Sandy Hook victims worth it?

At what point do we evolve, see our ever-changing society for what it is, and take the steps necessary steps to change alongside it?

The Second Amendment stopped being relevant a long fucking time ago; yet, innocent people still suffer the ultimate consequence because the U.S. doesn't have enough of a spine or a decent set of stones to stand up to the big bucks gun lobby and tell them their services are no longer required.

We are gutless chumps.

So, let the innocent keep dying. Let the gun shows continue attracting ignorant dumbfucks who want to perpetuate a so-called culture that should have died out long ago. Who fucking cares if innocent people keep dying in the name of this "right" gripped tightly by backwards morons and those happy to keep printing money regardless of the unending carnage?

Fuck. I'm a music writer...

Chris Checkman