Monday, January 13, 2014

Stand Your Groundless

                 Some saw 9-11 as a tragedy. Some saw it as an E-ticket...

Sweet sweaty lil' baby Jesus, how I fucking hate pricks who constantly use their "smart" phone, etc., in public. If you wanna quietly read in a public place, cool. However, Skyping, loudly talking, iThis/Thating in every restaurant, market or bar is just way too messed up.

Screw you Bluetooth headset mooks who always make sure the rest of us hear your alleged multi-million dollar deal breaker of a conversation with Ricki Lake or whoever you chinstrap bearded oafs think we'd be impressed with...

We're all sick of it, okay?!

And then came tonight.

In some dump called Wesley Chapel, Florida, some guy saw fit to text his 3 year old daughter during coming attractions at a local movie theater.

Yes, that is annoying.

Anyway, the guy behind him (Chad Oulson) and his wife, Nicole, went to complain to the manager. The manager of the theater didn't think it a big deal, so the complainer, 71 year old Curtis Reeves, came back to his seat, apparently even more agitated.

Explanations were offered, words then exchanged , before actual popcorn flew; and then, as would logically follow, came the gunfire.

And young father/husband, Chad Oulson, lay mortally wounded; as his wife, Nicole, dealt with a shot hand.

And a dying husband.

Oh, another fucking gun tragedy, right?! Whatta surprise!

No! Happily, this one turns out happily!

Turns out that the shooter, Reeves, is a retired cop! And, since 9-11, any dumbass who wears/wore a badge is automatically considered a "hero", and can therefore do whatever the hell they want, because the gun-lovin', badgey star-fuckin' religious right in this idiot backward country totally says so!

If an ex-cop in a Bible Belt state thinks a guy should die by gunfire because he was texting his kid during the coming attractions at a local Thee-ate-er, then, AFTER FURTHER REVIEW, the Bible as written by Jesus Himself confirms the ruling in the Thee-ate-er!


So, a young father is dead, his wife wounded while watching her husband die; and you know it's only gonna get more shitty.

Curtis Reeves' defense will cite his (no doubt) exemplary record as a god-spoonin' lawman. No doubt will it also cite his right to carry a firearm; as well as Florida being a "stand your ground" state.

I'm pretty sure Reeves' religious beliefs and other such useless crap will be cited as evidence of his obvious innocence-- even though he pulled out a gun and killed a guy, because that guy annoyed him during coming attractions for whatever Will Ferrell abomination is coming this Memorial Day.

And, don't forget the whole ex-cop angle in Reeves' defense, either.

Since 9-11, all cops/firefighters are presumed to be ethically pure heroes; and, to be sure, SOME actually are.


But, in a gun-lovin',  Jesus-snortin' state, look for all stops to be pulled out in order to spare poor Curtis Reeves (he of the presumed heroic history of selfless public service) the punishment, shame or ridicule. 

Already, we're hearing Reeves will be charged with, at most, 2nd degree homicide.

Second degree homicide?! Meaning that it's already been determined that some old cop killing a guy who just wanted to watch a movie with his wife (you know, before being murdered) was, in even some small way, justified?!

(Yes, it was NOT premeditated; but, yes, someone died because another guy shot him dead with his Constitutionally protected gun!)

Right there is evidence of two cults working together to make one powerful delusion: Between the psychotic cults of religion and the gun lobby, superstitious and genetically suspect folks will just eat it up, in the name of Jesus.

And that of the late Charlton Heston.

If a black guy had shot someone in a theater in L.A., due to the same extenuating circumstances, the shooter would be facing first degree homicide.

But, since the shooter is an ex-cop white guy from the Bible Belt, he's facing murder 2.

And we all know he'll most likely get probation at best.

We're a sick, broken country where a nonexistent god and a sick love of guns mean more than true decency and commitment to community.

Maybe these colors don't run; but they also don't really stand for much anymore, do they?

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